Dec 8, 2008

Gift Ideas, part 2

Here's the second part of my gift ideas list. These are all food-related products. Hope they give you fun inspiration for your gift-giving.

Mod Salad Servers. These are so much fun. They come in 10 different colors and patterns to brighten up your holiday table.

Il Buddino buddha molds. These were available in Italy over a year ago, but you couldn't get them here. I waited and waited and looked and looked, then finally found them in the U.S. I haven't had a chance to try them out yet, but I'm looking forward to brushing them with melted chocolate, then filling them with ice cream. They look fun in your kitchen too.

Silicone number, letter and symbol ice cube trays. I'm just enough of a type geek to wish you could get these in different typefaces, but they look like great fun to play with.

Tikoli Dish Towels
. Our kitchen is still stuck in the "before" stage with the original linoleum and orange pine cabinets common in our neighborhood. One day we'll give it a facelift, but until then, I've found that something as simple as a fun dishtowel can brighten things up. These are bright and funky and come in gorgeous colors and patterns.

Roots & Shoots plates. These come from the Savannah College of Art and Design shop. There are four plates, each with it's own integrated tree design. They're made of melamine so they're great for outdoor use. These are so beautiful I'm thinking of ordering more.

Side-swipe beater for KitchenAid mixers. I'm intrigued by these silicone beater blades that thoroughly wipe the sides of the mixer bowl for better mixing. Would love to hear if someone has tried them and what they thought.

Flexible measuring cups. These silicone measuring cups make for easy pouring and they nest together for efficient storage.

Spoon scale. How ingenious! If you're a baker and like to measure precisely by weight, these would be great for small amounts. Measures down to 1/10 of a gram. This source is in the U.K., haven't located it in the U.S. yet.

Stainless scoop.
The perfect scoop to keep in the sugar bin or flour bin.

Modern Potter teapot. I don't even use a teapot, but the shape of this modern, German model has me pining for this one just to look at proudly on my stove.

Japanese soup pots. I'm still working on perfecting my favorite Japanese soup, nabeyaki udon, to be able to make it at home. When I do, my reward may be a set of these cast iron Yamaga Nabe pots to serve it in.

Honeycomb plates. These would be beautiful for serving cookies and desserts, especially anything flavored with honey.

Dog cookie cutters.
Whether you want this cute puppy shape or you'd rather have one to match your favorite breed, they've got them all here.

Vintage design dish towels. These are more old school design but the purple stripe has an unexpected zing.

Large pastry tip set. These large tips are great for fat icing designs or for cookies but seem to be hard to find. This set even comes with a cleaning brush.

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Brooke said...

what great ideas. i love the vintage towel idea. an avid cook can never have enough dish towels...