Jun 8, 2008

Want to subscribe?

Thanks to a request from a reader (aw, shucks, I'm flattered!!), I've gotten off my fanny and added RSS and email subscriptions. If you're interested in subcribing to tastype feeds, use one of the boxes on the right to get signed up.

You may also notice another recent addition to the blog, the Food Blog Search box. An incredibly useful idea... it is, in their words...

"...a custom built search engine specifically for searching recipes in food blogs. It is intended to be a useful tool for food bloggers and for scratch cooks looking for recipes and inspiration. Food Blog Search uses Google technology, through the Google Custom Search Engine program."

So if you're looking for a recipe and want to know what other bloggers have to say about it or just want to get some ideas, try it!

Big kudos to bloggers Elise of Simply Recipes, Kalyn of Kalyn's Kitchen, and Alanna of Kitchen Parade for maintaining it. You'll also notice the enchanting illustrations of Ximena Maier there as well.

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