Jan 25, 2009

Good Luck Foods for Chinese New Year

Tomorrow, January 26th, is Chinese New Year and begins the Year of the Ox. Specific foods are thought to bring good luck in the coming year. If you want to enhance your prosperity, happiness, success and long life, try incorporating some of these into your day tomorrow.

Long noodles for long life. Don't cut your noodles. Keep them as long as possible.

Long leafy greens and beans for long life of parents. Serve these whole.

Fish served whole, including head and tail, for good luck throughout the year. The word for fish sounds like the word for "plenty."

Whole chicken to ensure that your year will have a good beginning and end.

Foods wrapped in lettuce (lettuce rolls) because the Cantonese word for lettuce sounds like "plentiful wealth."

Serve shrimp for laughter and joy.

Oysters are good luck symbols for business.

Tangerines and oranges for good luck. The Chinese words for gold and orange sound alike and the word for tangerine sounds like "luck," so display and eat these for wealth and luck.

Dumplings for prosperity. Dumplings are shaped like ingots or currency so they are said to bring wealth.

Pomelo also for prosperity. The word for pomelo in Cantonese sounds like the words for "prosperity" and "status" so eating them is considered good luck.

Eggs symbolize fertility, so keep that one in mind!

Spring rolls signify renewal.

In Chinese, the number eight is considered to be a traditionally lucky number. So serving items in eights is also lucky. Avoid the number four as it symbolizes death.

Tofu is white and is also to be avoided because white symbolizes death and misfortune. So no tofu!

Serve desserts and sweets for a sweet year ahead. An excuse to eat dessert!

Here's wishing everyone much peace, love, health and prosperity in the coming year!

Sources: Chow.com, Epicurious, Allrecipes.com, and The Breath of a Wok by Grace Young and Alan Richardson.

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