Mar 1, 2009

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I just picked up my March issue of Gourmet magazine and read this shocking article by Barry Estabrook. I was stunned and horrified that buying out of season tomatoes from Florida is essentially supporting the enslavement of the farm workers who pick them. This is an article that everyone should read. Links below.

Read the article:
Gourmet's "Politics of the plate: the price of tomatoes"

Find out what you can do:
Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) Campaign for Fair Food

To buy slave-free tomatoes:

• When you can, buy locally from the farmers market.

• Buy tomatoes at Whole Foods, the only supermarket chain to support the CIW Campaign for Fair Food, which means they promise not to deal with growers who tolerate serious worker abuse and support a living wage.

• In the off-season, buy locally-produced hydroponic greenhouse tomatoes instead of tomatoes from Florida or Mexico.

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JAM said...

totally with you on that. We refuse to buy tomatoes out of Texas. We would rather cut our tomato dishes and wait for them to ripen here locally.