Apr 8, 2009

Food Find: Paqui Tortillas

Just got turned on to a new taste sensation (thanks to a review in the Chronicle) that I had to share: Paqui Tortillas.

Locally-made, "Paqui" (pronounced pah-kee) comes from the Aztecs and means "to be happy." The flavors of these pillowy soft flour tortillas will make you happy...buttermilk, roasted jalapeño, cilantro and pumpkin.

As I stood in line at the checkout holding them, the guy behind me asked if I'd tried them before and started exclaiming about how good they are. He was right.

The company's web site says they "shun all things mass-produced and ingredients heavy on preservatives." Their tortillas are made with natural and organic ingredients.

We've tried all but the pumpkin, and I have to declare the cilantro my favorite, with the buttermilk and roasted jalapeño coming in right behind. The jalapeño have a nice little zing and the cilantro flavor shines through. They add a new dimension to quesadillas, breakfast tacos or any other kind of taco your heart desires.

Paqui Tortillas can be found in the fridge case at Whole Foods, FreshPlus, Thoms (on Barton Springs) and from Greenling and Farmhouse Delivery. Check them out.

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Feed Me LA said...

These look so yummy!!!