Jun 5, 2009

Madam Mam's now open at the Village

One of my favorite Austin Thai restaurants is now open in our neck of the woods and I am giddy with excitement. Madam Mam's opened a new location this week at the Village on Anderson. It's directly across from the Alamo Drafthouse and shares the same parking lot.

We eat regularly at the original campus location, but are so very happy to have this new one so much closer. This is Madam Mam's third Austin restaurant. The second opened a few years ago in South Austin at Westgate. It's really good to see them doing so well.

Madam Mam's is known for their explosively flavored Thai dishes and reasonable prices. Along with Thai Fresh, which, sadly, is far, far away from us in South Austin, it is my favorite for Thai food in Austin.

We tried the new location for the first time this week and found the food we loved in a more upscale setting. As the Westgate location seems a little more dressed up than the very casual student eatery on Guadalupe, this Anderson location seems to go one step further. The deeply-colored interior is soothing and exotic with lots of woods, beautiful artwork and statues, a stunning teak Buddha wall hanging (in photo) and a bright fish tank in the center of the dining room.

I only had my iPhone with me or I would include more photos. But check it out for yourself. It feels almost spa-like.

The only downside I see is that the parking, already a challenge around the Alamo, will become more difficult. I would recommend parking in the front section of the big lot, closer to Anderson, to stay out of the fray of the moviegoers.

As far as we could tell, even though the setting feels much more upscale, the prices appeared to be the same which makes this a great place for a real night out that won't hurt your pocketbook. And we especially love that they are open longer hours and every day.

Madam Mam's
2007 Anderson Lane, #419
(directly across the parking lot from the Alamo)
open daily 11am - 10pm

To learn more, read the Austin Chronicle's review of the Westgate location.

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