Aug 21, 2009

Ice Cream from San Francisco's Bi-Rite Creamery

I'm just back to the dizzyingly hot inferno of Austin after a cool and delicious reprieve in San Francisco. It was a tasty adventure and I have much to share with you. I'm still walking around in a fog, adjusting back to Central time. I'll have more photos soon, but here's a start...some of the best ice cream I've ever tasted.

Bi-Rite Creamery & Bakeshop is an ice cream shop in the Mission district of San Francisco. It's affiliated with the delightful little Bi-Rite Market just up the street. They use organic and sustainable ingredients from local producers to make their delectible flavors. I was also happy to see that they use biodegradable cups and spoons. But most importantly, they offer a creative array of flavors that are mind-blowingly good.

I tasted half a dozen flavors before settling on one scoop of ginger ice cream and one of malted vanilla with peanut brittle and bits of chocolate. Wow. The ginger was velvety sweet and luscious, not too strong. And the malted vanilla was perfectly accented by the peanut candy and bits of chocolate. I'd be in big trouble if I could get access to this ice cream regularly.

Aside from trips to MOMA, I'd never spent much time in the Mission before. It was a beautiful day and worth the trek just for this ice cream. They have little benches on the sidewalk in front of their storefront or you can walk a block down the street to the park. Don't miss it!

Bi-Rite Creamery
3692 18th Street @ Delores
San Francisco

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