Oct 5, 2009

Say it ain't so! No more Gourmet!

News today that Condé Nast is shutting down my favorite American food magazine, Gourmet. It's incomprehensible that they are keeping the dumbed down Bon Appetit and it's design director's disdain for "pretty food photography." What a disappointment. (I recently canceled a free subscription to Bon Appetit. I signed up for it for the single purpose of reading Molly Wisenburg's new column – a single shining beacon in an otherwise dark forest.) But I just couldn't take another issue of their food photography.)

Since Ruth Reichl took over Gourmet, they have been one of the few sources for in-depth articles on our food and where it comes from. Articles like these from Barry Estabrook in his Politics of the Plate column and others will be sorely, sorely missed...

The Price of Tomatoes

Carbon 101

Genetically-Engineered Crops

Conscientious Carnivore

Having spent my career in publishing, I understand some of the forces at work here. I can only hope that this pool of writers, editors, designers, photographers and stylists can come together in some other form to continue delivering this information to us.

Today's reaction from Reichl here from the Los Angeles Times.

New York Times: Reichl plans to write her own book.

New York Times: Closing the book on Gourmet

Email your reaction to Condé Nast here.

There is one small thing to look forward to in all this mess... a new 10-episode PBS series will begin airing this month in which Reichl explores cooking schools all over the world. The series begins October 24 in Austin. Check your local PBS station to get your fix.

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