Mar 12, 2010

Favorite Austin Breakfasts

The SXSW music, film, and interactive festival begins today in Austin. This music industry extravaganza brought 150,000 people to Austin last year for showcases in clubs and venues all over town. The bands play until the early morning hours. There are also workshops, movie premieres and awards shows.

Whether you're powering up for the day ahead or having a bite before hitting the sack, there are some good breakfast comfort food meals to be had in Austin. I thought this would be a good time to share a couple of my favorites.

First up, the king of breakfast eateries, Kerbey Lane. There are multiple locations around town, but the South Lamar restaurant is the one that is the most quintessentially Austin and the closest for SXSWers.

Eggs Francisco

My favorite breakfast dish at Kerbey is Eggs Francisco. They toast an English muffin and top it with eggs, avocado, tomatoes and bacon, and then drench the whole thing in queso. With a little salsa on the side, it's decadent and the ultimate in comfort food.

Kerbey's pancakes

At Kerbey, you should also try the pancakes. They're famous for their light and fluffy, platter-sized cakes. In flavors from blackberry to pumpkin to gingerbread, you'll find one you like. They even have vegan pancakes that are surprisingly good. My only complaint: no real maple syrup.

TacoDeli's Jess Special tacos

My other favorite breakfast joint is TacoDeli. The original location just south of Zilker park on Spyglass is the one you want. It's a tiny spot, but they have a nice patio with lots of picnic tables where you can eat al fresco. You can't go wrong for breakfast or lunch at TacoDeli (tragically, they're not open for dinner), but my fave is the Jess Special taco — basically a migas taco with eggs, tomatoes, crumbled chips, jalapeño, avocado and Jack cheese. To put it over the top, add a slice of bacon and a splash of their Doña sauce. It's a green sauce made of roasted jalapeños that's creamy and blazing hot sauce.

Locals keep your eyes peeled for the new TacoDeli to open soon on Lamar just below 45th.

And last, but not least, Gourdough's Big Fat Doughnuts. This is pure doughnut overload. Place your order and then sit back for a moment and wait. The anticipation only makes it sweeter. These babies are made to order. This is the kind of thing you crave at 2 in the morning. These are the biggest doughnuts I've ever seen. Our first time out, we tried several to sample some different flavors. People, be forewarned. It takes a bottomless pit of a teenage boy or two normal people to eat one of these things.

With flavors like The Flying Pig – maple syrup icing and bacon or the Mother Clucker — honey butter icing topped with a fried chicken strip, these hunks of fried dough will make an impression.

Miss Shortcake

The Flying Pig

We tried the Flying Pig and Miss Shortcake — cream cheese icing and fresh strawberries. I recommend balancing the sweet with something either tart like the berries or savory like the bacon. Otherwise, it can be sugar overload — unless that's what you're looking for.

Look for the silver Airstream across the street from the Alamo on South Lamar. Enjoy your feast at their picnic tables.

Kerbey Lane Cafe
2700 South Lamar

1500 Spyglass

1219 South Lamar

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Ok whoa. the eggs Francisco look amazing. As does everything else. I'm drooling on my keyboard over here.