Apr 4, 2010

TECHmunch Austin workshop, part 2

We're back from Seattle and Vancouver. I'm got so much to share. But first, I want to finish my TECHmunch Austin wrap-up.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, TECHmunch Austin took place during SXSW this year. To read more details about the sessions on storytelling, traditional media, building your brand, selecting content, and going viral, check out this post.

The session on search engine optimization (SEO) brought together panelists Sean Percival, director of content socialization at MySpace, John Shiple, CTO of Ultralivetv.com, and Tony Adam, director of search marketing at BillShrink.

Tips from this session:

The minimum you need to do to be found by search engines:
• build your content around what people search for
• be public on blogger
• create an XML site map
• check Google's webmaster tools for diagnostics and plug-in to feed your site map

Other tips:
• use links
• host guest bloggers
• give updates on Twitter
• have your own domain name
• don't have too many posts on your home page, consider listing them by the most popular posts in sidebars
• search engines like fresh content, so don't leave your site static
• the location of content on the page doesn't matter so much anymore
• give a description of your page in the first 500 characters
• check out websitegrader.com, twittergrader.com, and bloggergrader.com
• if you want searches done on your name to link to your blog, then use your name as the link but connect it to your blog
• two-way linking is stronger
• gain visibility in forums
• link round-ups
• use more internal links
• use SEO to measure what content works

The last session covered FTC disclosure. Panelists included Brian Solis of Futureworks and the author of the newly-released Engage! and Sarah Evans of Sevans Strategy.

• list personal guidelines on your blog telling readers if you accept products as gifts for review in a header or tab on your blog for easy reference
• add a Contact Me tab with info for public relations practitioners on how to reach you
• you should always disclose any gifts over $100
• while this is a new arena for the FTC to be eyeing, know that the potential threat to a blogger for not disclosing a gift is a fine
• the FTC recommends bloggers look to the Word of Mouth Marketing Association for guidance

It looks like TECHmunch will be spreading to other locales. Sign up here to find out more about future events in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Tampa, San Francisco, Seattle, Indianapolis, and possibly more.

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