Jun 18, 2010

Uchiko is coming!

I've already had my nose pressed up against the glass trying to get a peak inside. Uchiko, the much-anticipated second restaurant from Uchi's Tyson Cole is coming soon.

The new Uchi/Uchiko web site went up today complete with Uchiko's new "Japanese farmhouse" menu. I can't wait!!

Uchi has been my favorite restaurant since they opened. From day one at Uchi, every single detail has been crafted and presented with precision and easy elegance. The food, the service, the design... it's become the standard by which I measure other restaurants. And most impressively, that standard has remained consistent every single time I've dined there. It is our special occasion restaurant of choice and the place we are always most excited to share with friends who come to visit Austin. I can't wait to see what Uchiko has in store for us now. I drive by the new Uchiko location every morning on my way to work and have been watching the progress and tapping my foot with impatience. I'm really excited that an opening date is in site next month.

In the interest of full disclosure, between the time I shot this photo earlier in the week (planning this post) and actually putting it up today, I've been invited to a half-price soft opening preview, which I most certainly will be attending. I can't wait to report back. But I would have made reservations on my own, and as a matter of fact, had already called last week trying to do so. I'll be doing so again, probably before we even make it to the preview. I am by no means a professional restaurant reviewer, nor do I pretend to be. But I will be happy to share my enthusiasm and the highlights of my experience with you. I won't be "reviewing" it, but I'm always happy to share food experiences that I'm excited about.

Until then, get a look behind the scenes at Tyson Cole's blog, TysonatUchi.com. He includes photos of the interior and the food.

4200 North Lamar

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