May 29, 2011

Food Find: Delish Gluten-Free Cupcakes

Gluten-free eating, for me, has also meant much healthier eating. Less processed ingredients and more whole, and organic when possible, foods. That has me feeling and functioning a lot better. That means treats usually come from my own kitchen. I love to bake, but don't have enough time to really indulge in it. So when I do, I want it to be something really good and really worthwhile. Most of the gluten-free snacks or treats I've tried have been frozen, stale, and often, full of gums as thickeners that leave me feeling bad. No thanks. And while some traditional bakeries make gluten-free treats, I'm nervous about cross-contamination.

Before going gluten-free, I tried a cupcake from Delish in downtown Austin. They were good. Really good. But after going gluten-free, I figured I'd have to find my own recipe for a tasty cupcake. Cake is a once or twice a year thing for me, usually. So it hasn't been high up on my list to experiment with just yet. But I kept reading raves about Delish's gluten-free cupcakes. Then I ran across this article from the Alamo Celiac Group outlining the lengths they go to to avoid cross-contamination. I'm not going to repeat the article here, you can read it for yourself. But I was really impressed by the effort they're making to keep their kitchen and gluten-free products free of cross-contamination. I know that if there's flour around, then there's always a possibility of problems. But I really appreciate what they're trying to do. But none of that would matter if their gluten-free cupcake tasted like cardboard, like most gluten-free cupcakes.

I had their gluten-free vanilla cupcake freshly crowned with their vanilla frosting this weekend and I was blown away. I think it was the best cupcake I've ever had, even compared to those full of gluten. I bought two. I had the first one, and then stared longingly at the second for the rest of the evening. I tried to save it for dessert that next day, but didn't make it. I gobbled it up after breakfast. My husband is usually the one who's in the kitchen swiping the baked goods, but this time, I wouldn't let him near these precious treats. I wish I'd gotten a picture of them for you. But I was too greedy. I'm not even sorry. Their cupcake was moist and incredibly flavorful. I love vanilla and this one is full of vanilla richness. And they frost their cupcakes on demand so it's perfect. Seriously, that frosting is like crack. Beware.

I also asked the gal behind the counter what ingredients they used — expecting to hear xanthan or guar gum. But no! No gums!

So if you're eating gluten-free and get a hankering for an indulgence, try Delish. This is the cupcake by which I will now measure all others.

(And just for the record, this is my own personal experience with Delish as a paying customer.)

203 West 3rd Street, Austin

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atxglutenfree said...

Yummy, I love Delish cupcakes!